Convert video and audio
into text on screen

  • Compatible with Amazon Prime Video Direct,
    Vimeo on Demand and many other platforms.
  • Accessibility compliant: for people with hearing loss and non-native speakers.
  • The Film Digest style guide is based on Netflix and BBC standards.


Localize subtitles Eng > Spa

  • Add foreign subtitles in neutral-Latin American Spanish.
  • Translate text related to your video, like websites and social media content.


Convert audio into plain text

  • Add a transcript to your podcast description
  • Turn interviews into blog posts or articles.




Subtitles can be:

  • Embedded-burned into the video.
  • Encoded-attached to the video.
    Can be activated and deactivated.
  • Or receive them separately, plain-subtitles file.

Custom subtitles:

  • Can personalize the appearance of your subtitles by choosing: color, font, size, opaque box.

File format to be sent:

  • Any video-audio file format will do.
    Some of the most popular video formats are mp4, mkv, webm.

File format you will receive:

  • Receive subtitles in any format needed, whether you´re selling a movie on Hulu or uploading to YouTube.

Additional services:


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